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BetFair is one of the most popular online betting sites. It features mainly in sport as do most online betting sites but it has many advantages over its competitors. It is one of the sites which offer live odds during play so people can place their bets as late on as they want, for example they could put a bet on with less than a minute remaining in a football match! There are a huge range of bets which can be played online, not just the final results; this is just a small fraction of the odds which the site gives you. For every big match, game etc. there are far more specific odds, such as first player to score a goal in a football match or the chances of someone getting a hat-trick. For sports like cricket there are odds for things like how many runs a team will get, the first player to reach a century or the chance of a player being bowled for a king duck, just to give a few examples of the many bets possible.

The wide range of possible bets means that there is something for everyone and this makes the whole betting experience far more exciting, especially when your bet could come in at any point during a game but you never know when.

The site also features extensive betting on every horse race that happens in the country and in other countries such as Ireland so that people can find the ideal odds for them no matter what they want to bet on. BetFair also prides itself on having the best odds for almost every event, beating all of its competitors in the majority of cases. This means that not only can people find any bet they want but the site will also give you the best chance of winning big if you get lucky and your bet comes in.

As well as all the usual sports (and also some sports that aren’t as common) the site also has casino style games which can be played for money online. BetFair acts as an online casino meaning that people can play to their heart’s content without having to leave their own homes. There are many games and they can be played against lots of other users as well to simulate a real casino as much as possible. The games that can be played on the site include the classic games of poker and blackjack as would be expected but also many games that can’t be found on barely any other online betting site. These include things such as being able to play the slots which can provide the same monotonous fun as it can in real life and almost uniquely there are arcade games as well. These are the types of games that would be found on a classic arcade machine where quizzes and games could be played with the chance of winning money, only the winnings on this site are far higher than any machine would give you!