Distribution shoe is the "expansion" or "gambling"?

It is said that the earliest Distribution, is a very high market share now, but in a low profile enterprises on public opinion and propaganda, from the Taiyuan market began, as long as Wenzhou Cheap Nike Air Max shoe is to be first goods and sell them. In that burning passion, relying on several competitive products, the rapid expansion of the brand in Taiyuan, so that dealers are aware of the shoe itself.

Since then, the Wenzhou footwear brands have embarked on a Distribution of no return. Distribution of early shoe brands have made money by this trick to achieve capital accumulation. This not only put the practice of closing, slowly begin to deteriorate. Up some powerful agents, distributors, began selling Nike Air Max 90 shoes to earn money invest in other businesses, but this stage has not revealed too much risk.

When the dynamic chain of shoe city prince had down card in an instant effect, a number of large enterprises Distribution strength is that a blow Qiao Xing. Then we realized, distribution behind how much risk there.

Some companies use the equivalent of another form of bank loans to support the agents, let it try to expand, in the critical time points to close lines, if not payment will have a late fee. As a result, agents are silent resentment, because he made money along with the brand, if we give up, do not know how many people are eyeing it on the piece of fat. Distribution and some of the enterprises to support this form of behavior into a real estate investment, made directly to the regional market stalls alone buy, the price is very low rent agents. This will not only support the agents, and high rents have virtually made a profit, it is cake and eat it.

Distribution In my understanding, that is, lend money to big brother little brother, so he was under development, for the pre-open market, or good looking. Because of these grass-roots private enterprise as entrepreneurs, wealthy should not have the money in his pocket, precisely because "the money we earn together" concept, only the rigid behavior, only the products in the market's rapid expansion, only With the continued growth in Wholesale Nike Air Max market share. But the company completed the primitive accumulation, we must consider how to control the risks arising Distribution. If you earned the money was spread out one by one Uncooperative, cash flow can not say at what time the formation of plug, so you breathless.

Corporate action in the final analysis is a cash flow problem. How to create a rule to reasonably improve the utilization of funds, the turnover rate is a science, distribution is not desirable, the key is to create win-win cooperation mechanism manufacturers, and resolutely resist good at playing "Xixingtaifa" partners because the scales of interest are too inclined to one side if the conflict will bring an upgrade to bring the breakdown of relationships.

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