Fantasy Hockey Preview - Gambles

As you evaluate your draft list for the upcoming season, pay special note to a number of players who carry a bit of a high-risk, high-reward aspect.  While you don't want to necessarily avoid drafting them, you definitely want to limit the number of these guys that wind up on your roster.  It's ok to roll the dice on Marian Gaborik in round 3, as long as your first 2 picks weren't equally risky.  Don't sprinkle more than 1 or 2 of these players in through the early rounds.


Marian Gaborik - Gaborik is the definition of a gamble player. Could be worth a first round pick, could be worth passing on altogether. Chances are he's due for a great season. Might even crack 50 goals for the first time. 

Simon Gagne - Gagne seems to be fully recovered from his concussion problems, but those things have a way of coming back.

Particularly for Flyers forwards. If he stays injury free, he's a goal scoring machine on a very talented Flyers roster. Gagne could easily return to being a 40 goal man in 09. 

Martin Havlat - Minnesota replaced one talented, injury prone forward with another. Havlat is likely to be passed over by many GM's, but he's worth consideration early on. He'll give you a point a game. It's just a matter of how many games that will be. He's the only offensive threat in Minnesota this season, so he may not deliver as well. 

Olli Jokinen - Jokinen is as unpredictable as they come, but if goalscoring is something you like on your roster, he's still worthy of a mid-round pick. Even with a major dip in points the last 2 seasons, he still is averaging over 30 goals a season.

A full season in Calgary may settle him back into a 70-80 point pace. Don't blow him off just yet. 

Anze Kopitar - Kopitar was one of the biggest disappoints in 2009. After much promise and fanfare in his first 2 seasons, he slipped back down to 66 points. LA still hasn't shown that they're worthy of fantasy respect, so it's hard to get overly excited. Then again, don't be shocked if he comes out storming and tops 80 points this year.

Vincent Lecavalier - For a guy with his reputation, his point totals over his career are extremely erratic. You may be drafting a top 5 scorer, or you may be wasting a precious early pick on a 60 point scorer. I say he's worth the risk. Don't be suprised to see him top 90 points in 2009. 


Bryan McCabe - McCabe appeared to be nearing the end in 2007, but he bounced back in a big way with 15 goals last season. With Bouwmeester leaving town, the show belongs to McCabe. He could rocket back up the leaderboard in '09. Then again, we could see him slide out of sight once again. Take your chance. 

Scott Niedermayer  - Much like Lidstrom, this superstar has peaked and is about to start to see a decline in his production. It should be a gradual fall, so don't write him off yet. But don't bank on him approaching 60 points again in his career. 

Joni Pitkanen  - Pitkanen displays flashes of brilliance one game, then disappears the next. He has the potential to rise to a top 10 defensemen in the league. He is just as likely not get drafted. Big time risk/reward. We say go for it this season. He seems comfortable in Carolina, and ought to net at least 40 points this season. 

Mark Streit - It's hard to fairly rank Streit as a defenseman, since he plays a good many games as a forward. As the Islanders young forwards start to come into their own, expect Streit to settle back into the defense position full time. Expect his numbers to slip a bit when that happens. Still, Streit is probably good for 50 or so points in the upcoming season. 


Ray Emery  - It's impossible to know what to expect from Emery this year. He did well statistically in his last NHL season, but that's not what concerns GMs. Philly is strong and getting better, so whoever earns the #1 job for the Flyers will be worth the pick. Problem is, there hasn't been an undisputed #1 goalie in Philly for a decade. Why not Emery? 

Marc-Andre Fleury  - Amazing potential and skill. Amazingly inconsistent. The Penguins have never been built to favor good goalie stats, but Fleury has hung in there anyway. Don't get too excited about his playoff performance. He still has to face a few breakaways every night in the regular season. 

Jaroslav Halak  - Halak was the better goalie in Montreal last season, but Price will be given the job to lose again come fall. Nonetheless, Halak could potentially claim the job if Price struggles. For now, don't get too excited about him come draft time. 

Chris Osgood  - It's tough to know what to do with this guy. Is he the all-star, Hall-of-Fame goalie of the playoffs, or the guy who has to split time with a different backup every season. He hasn't played more than 46 games in the last 5 seasons, so don't count on him as your #1. 

Carey Price - Price is a good goalie, despite the disaster of 2009. However, Montreal is not a good team. Until this mess gets straightened out, don't rush into drafting Price. Take a chance on him late in the draft if he's available; otherwise, stick with something a little safer. 

To Be One Of The Casino Winners

People gamble with the hope of winning. The excitement and fun aside, winning makes them go back for more and enjoy the whole process more. People who enjoy the gaming rooms of casino always have the hope of becoming one among the casino winners. As it all depends on chance, becoming a winner is definitely a major event.

If a person wants to win, he has to be ready to lose as well. Like the saying goes "you win some you lose some." One way to make sure there is some wins is to have a well-planned and controlled betting strategy.

Successful betting plan does not ensure a win but increases the chances of winning. In fact, there are many established strategies like card counting, martingale, regression, d'Alembert, and so on. There are books and websites teaching betting strategies to those who are eager to be casino winners.

There are even people who offer real-time classes for the people who want to master the art of gambling and winning.

Another important thing that increases the winning chances in a casino is knowledge about the game. Going in blind does not help at all. It is very essential to have a clear idea about how the game works, its rules, and how to play it. Only if this is there, the betting strategy can be applied with intelligence and understanding. In the beginning, it is always better to bet small amounts till the feel of the table is understood. This ensures that large amount of cash is not lost at one go if the hand does not win. A point to remember is that ultimately "the house always wins." Finally, it is very essential to know when to walk away from the whole thing.

An array of losses does not mean there will be a win soon. It should be taken as a sign to walk away from the game before further damage is done.

Nowadays, with the invasion of online casino, the chances of people becoming winners are better. It is easier to win an online game than a real-life one. Online games are often played against other players playing from other places or quite often against a central server.

Statistically, the chances of winning online games are better. The online casino games include normal table games with virtual gaming rooms' setup as well as slots and progressive games. Among online games, progressive games are highly popular and have high win rate than table games and slots. Online games also have bonuses and special prices just for playing even if the person does not win. This adds to the value of the game and the person feels he has been able to achieve something of value.

To become one of the casino winners is every player's dream. Online casino makes it possible to a great extent. Those who prefer the real-life games need to strategize and learn more about what any casino game is about before dreaming of winning.

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Casino tax refund

Most individuals who have tried their luck in a US casino and had to pay taxes are not aware of the fact that they can apply for a casino tax refund. When gambling and wining at US casinos, the money for the taxes are withdrawn from the winnings and if you weren’t supposed to pay this money you can hire a company that can help you with casino tax rebate. After all, why shouldn’t you enjoy all the money you have won if you are legally entitled to?

Individuals who are not citizens of the United States and are not required by law to pay an income tax, should start looking for a professional company that can help them with their casino tax refund. You have the legal right to regain this money and the good news is that nowadays there are several companies that will recover your casino tax rebate faster than you imagined.

Professionals in this field are familiar with the recovery tax systems and they know exactly what must be done to recover your money.

We should mention that casinos don’t know which gamblers are US citizens and truth of the matter is that they don’t care about it as long as they have a profitable business. This is why they take a percentage from all the winnings. Nonetheless, it is essential to know that people who are not US citizens shouldn’t pay an income tax to the IRS. Therefore, you should contact experts that can help you with casino tax refund and you will be delighted to find out that you will get your refund with their help. It is needless to say that such individuals are familiar with the casino tax rebate process and they know what to do to help you get your money back.

Such casino tax refund companies will help you prepare adequate documentation and they will submit the documents.

Although they charge for their work, the amount paid to them is nothing compared to the amount you will recover from the IRS. Another aspect you should keep in mind when opting for casino tax rebate is to not try to do this on your own without any professional help. You will get lost in the IRS bureaucracy and you will eventually give up. By relying on an expert who has done this many times before you have the chance to recover the money right on time.

To conclude, we believe that individuals who have the right to casino tax refund should claim it and although the entire process is lengthy, it is worth your effort because it will recover the money that was withdrawn from your winnings. With this in mind, you can go ahead and hire a professional to deal with your casino tax rebate. If you would like to gather more information on casino taxes and refunds, you will be pleased to learn that online you will come across several reputed websites that provide accurate and concise information.

Appreciate gambling via free slots!

Totally free slots games are regarded as one with the greatest games accessible on-line. These games offer plenty of enjoyable and pleasure in gambling activities. Totally free slots games shouldn’t be regarded as an actual gambling indicates as these are great for recreational purpose. It has been noticed that due to the recognition of totally free slots games on-line you will find numerous players who attempt to put their hands on these games. The quantity of gamblers is growing continuously.

Because the advent of web casino games, totally free slots have earned a substantial recognition amongst the on-line players all about the globe. Apart from the reality that these on-line games serve as a perfect leisure time enjoyment, one can practice these games and improve their casino games or slot abilities via these games.

You are able to attempt your hands on these games and have fantastic enjoyable by playing them at house ease. Enhancing your slot abilities is indeed a great thought.

 Totally free slots games can help enthusiasts to obtain expertise also as improve their slots abilities. This really is indeed the very best method to get a great understanding of slots games. If you are a brand new bee then it is extremely wise to start by playing slot games because of the cause that these slot games are accessible at no cost and does not involve any actual cash transactions. You are able to play these games without even paying a single penny and can acquire the actual life enjoyable whilst playing these slots on-line.

This expertise is merely unforgettable and you'd like to play these games time and more than once more.

You'll improve your understanding concerning the totally free slots games in the event you play this on-line and can start wagering via actual cash on main based on-line casinos slot games. You are able to even win a number of jackpots in these games. Totally free slot games are entirely a leisure activity and could be played in spare time.

This game is meant particularly for entertainment purpose but bear the comparable rules and regulations as that with the land based casinos and slot games. You don't need to wager you actual cash whenever you play these games as these slot games are totally according to the play cash. So whilst losing in game you are able to even get the opportunity to win and earn money. You are able to expertise the actual casino enjoyable in these on-line slot machine games. Just attempt to play as a lot as you are able to and have enjoyable!

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Stock Markets Should Not Turn Into Gambling Casinos - A Look at the Shanghai Composite

The Shanghai Composite started out as a way to capitalize Chinese Businesses, but with all the market manipulation it seems more like it's turned into a gambling casino in many ways; much like the NYSE, or NASDAQ. It seems that the Chinese People who are really great at saving money have boosted stocks to an unreasonable multiple as many stocks were trading at 80-100 times earnings.

Then when the Global Economic Crisis hit China, many of their companies that were involved in manufacturing and exporting took a huge dive in profits, meaning their stock price based on things like quarterly profits was completely out the window. Many Chinese, just regular small time investors felt it was not fair, as they had put their money into the stock market and watched it rise, only to fall again and give up 20-25% in a very short time period.

But besides all that, I asked one small time investor from China; "Do you realize why stock markets exist?" Interestingly enough, she didn't really, so I explained the stock markets exist to capitalize businesses.

So, if that is what they are for, and if you really want to make money, you should be involved in the capitalizing of businesses, based on simple and sound principles.

Then I recommended to her, as I will to you, to read Warren Buffets essays, and to learn more about investing in the business world. Not long ago, I mentioned all this and the conversation to Guang Wu, the author of a new book; "China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?" and his comments were that stock market investing is indeed much different and new to many Chinese Investors. So, please consider all this.

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Is Trading Stock Gambling?

Free Stock tickers are all over! You notice them in the economic area of every important dissemination network, located in the underneath or top of the partition. All on line stock trading company has one. The help of stock tickers are that you get a fast review of share prices in a outstandingly sensitive conduct. And you can with no problem get your own modified real time stock ticker.

There are a lot of unusual kinds of stock tickers, each one with their own individuality, but they also share a lot of elements. The most universal skin texture are the corporation image, the value of the company's shares, and the government in which the stock price is moving.

As mentioned, there are countless unique ticker software vacant for your desktop, so you too can have a tape stock ticker in succession on your computer. In Broad desktop stock tickers are pretty tiny programs, that does not use a lot of RAM or CPU, so you can resume your work.

Commonly the stock tickers can be configured to alert you if the price of a elected stock move unlikely a predefined area or the stock price changes rashly. The desktop stock ticker can be downloaded from various of the online stock trading companies. Since the tickers often are very very small programs, the download and fitting is hurried and easy done.

Real Time or Near Real Time?

Nearly any stock ticker displays the stock prices in "near real time", meaning that the prices are tardy - most often 15 to 20 transcription. If you are a shopper with an online stock trading guests nonetheless, you can frequently get coincident prices - this is evidently a enormous gain, mainly if you are a day seller, who buys and sells often the same shares however out the day. In this case you need to know the exact worth, since you make your money on very very small travels. If you are a long term shareholder the belated prices are of less consequence.

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