A Comprehensive Guide to Las Vegas? Best Casinos

Sin City, the Gambling Capital of the World, Glitter Gulch, or, to those who have just emptied their coffers there, Lost Wages: Las Vegas is the home of everything hedonistic in the US and it’s nearly impossible to not have a good time in this electric city. Las Vegas’ neon signs, palatial hotels and replicas of world monuments may leave you star struck, but there’s no doubt about why most people visit the city – gambling. Las Vegas is home to over 1700 licensed casinos of all shapes and sizes, but you should never make it your mission to visit them all. The main Las Vegas Strip is where all the magic happens and these four casinos are not to be missed:


The Bellagio

If there’s one thing that the Bellagio don’t scrimp on, its luxury, with plush surroundings and over 10,000 staff on hand to meet your every need. As a AAA Five Diamond Award winning hotel and casino, this is hardly a surprise, but how many hotels or casinos do you know that feature a botanical garden, art museums and world class restaurants? The Bellagio is also home to the world famous Dancing Fountains – fountains that “dance” to the music of the Rat Pack and others. This casino is worth a visit for the fountains alone.


The MGM Grand

With a name that includes the word “grand”, you’d expect nothing less and the MGM Grand doesn’t disappoint. Currently the largest Casino in Las Vegas, the Grand hosts over 3,500 slots and 165 game tables as well as world class entertainers playing in its Grand Garden Arena. The hotel’s restaurants are also not to be missed, with world famous chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Tom Colicchio holding residence.



The birth place of the World Series of Poker and one of the oldest casinos still operating on the strip, Binion’s is a must see for any self-respecting poker player. Poker is still the name of the game at this old joint and there are few better places to play than here.


Caesars Palace

No list of Las Vegas’ casinos would be complete without Caesars Palace, possibly one of the strip’s most famous casinos. This lavish temple to excess isn’t just a hot spot for its gambling opportunities, which are plentiful, but for the casino’s very own ‘Colosseum’ which acts as the platform for performances from some of the world’s greatest celebrities on a nightly basis.


You can find more information on where to stay in Las Vegas through WikiTravel, Lonely Planet or from a knowledgeable online travel company.