How To Clear Bonus Casino Money Online

Online casinos and gaming websites have become really sensational. There are some valid reasons why they are so popular.

• There is a great variety of games to play.
• There are many opportunities for you to win free casino money with the bets.
• You can also get some great freebies.

The last mentioned feature actually attracts a lot of people to places where you can make casino money online. There are many websites, which provide a lot of freebies like bonuses and discount coupons as well. So, these casinos are actually great places to look for a lot of benefits and privileges for free.

Why Clear Bonuses?

Bonuses are some privileges, which make online casinos popular among those who want to earn casino money.

There are some websites, which will give bonuses to help players make bets and win prize money. However, some casinos will require that the players’ bonuses are withdrawn. This is because these casinos would like to know the right kind of players. They would like to reduce the risks of frauds as well. So, most casinos make it clear that the bonuses should be cleared away immediately. However, there is a certain procedure for clearing the bonuses from casinos.

If bets are being made from your online casino money, it means that you will have to play this money as well. In most cases, when you play money casino s, you will have to register with the casino website. The registration will do the following things.

• It will make you eligible for bonuses from online casino websites.
• Registration will also make you eligible for other privileges and freebies as well.
• A registered member player will not be seen as a fraud by the casino.

Of course, these techniques will make you eligible for all these benefits. However, these steps are not simply sufficient for the main benefits.

So, it would be best advised that you should choose a good casino website. This will be actually a good decision for you. When you are about to sign up for an online website, you should read the terms and conditions. In this way, you will know precisely what the casino authorities demand from you. You will know all about the rules for withdrawing your casino bonuses and other cash acceptances as well. So, a general survey of all the terms and conditions can make you enjoy the games fully.

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Select your Favourite Game with Casino Finder

You want to get started and enjoy the best casino online game that you can, but at the same time you need to ensure that you don't end up blowing your hard earned money on your gaming buzz. No problem! You have some excellent options.

Casino lovers can try different variations of online casino games on their screens only. They can play their favourite games without wasting their money. Play for free and improve your gambling skills. After practising all the bets for free you can go for real money stakes.

Casino Finder lets you find all the best casino games available in the websites. You will get a clear path to the availability of all the exclusive variations of casino games. Make sure to get all the rules and regulations about games which you want to go for.

Check the startup bonuses and promotional offer for better starting of a game. Casino Finder is a complete book of all the gaming chapters including lessons of texas hold em, Omaha, roulette, blackjack, and many more. This finder allows you to find your favourite game and enjoy.

5 Card Slingo Deluxe is an exciting game that combines the fast paced enjoyment of Slingo with strategic poker playing action. Featured with 3 exclusive modes of game play, including the latest software which lets you put the cards anywhere on the matrix. It also allow you to save your best hand in every mode, keeps track of your high scores and has a top 10 list to highlight of all the big and expert winners. Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

Slingo, an exclusive fun game with multiplayer option. Many websites are available that have a single player version of the game too. You can also enjoy PC and cellphone versions apart from internet gaming. There are many versions available which includes Matrix , Mixed ,5 Card Slingo etc. Some of the downloadable Slingo games available which are Slingo Deluxe, Slingo Quest , Slingo Quest Hawaii, 5 Card Slingo Deluxe etc. The downloadable version of the game lets a player play without being online.

Since Slingo combines the fast paced fun of Bingo, the excitement of slot machines, and the challenge of exciting card games, it enjoys a wide popularity all over the world and is a favourite one for any online casino lover.

Go for fun and exciting games and make your day with lots of winning odds.

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Online Gambling Goes Hi-tech

When traditional medicine was replaced by more advanced, sophisticated drugs, the infusion of modern technology helped gambling make its way to the online world.


Whether you decide to wager your money through the conventional way or the virtual way, these tips will guide you on the dos and don’ts in the wonderful world of gambling. Should you decide to use the services of online gambling sites, these tips will also help you avoid putting your wagers on high-risk situations, and at the same time keep your gaming experience highly enjoyable.


• Who’s who?


Current studies show that 3 out of 5 gamblers fall into unfortunate circumstances.

It is very essential to know the credibility of the online gambling site operator before starting your gambling activities here. Make sure that transactions are smooth and disputes don’t happen.


• Is it legal?


Laws pertaining to online gambling exist in every U.S. state, so it is safe to assume that there are different provisions of the law in every state covering gambling activities.


• Is it legit?


Despite the existing strict laws against offensive online gambling sites, there are still some who prey on their customers’ money. There are online gambling sites which are legally commissioned to hold micro-gaming events. One way to recognize them is through the type of software they use.


Some of the favorite software used are OddsOn, Playtech, Cryptologic and Microgaming. You should be suspicious of sites that do not display the type of software they use. They are not legally bonded and not protected by gambling policies in the area where they are covered and allowed to put up shop.


• Know the rules!


Luck plays a huge part in winning the games, but there is also a ton of player psychology working on those wins. Know by heart the simple systems on how the games operate to give you an edge against the bookies.


• Read, read and read.


It is a fact that most online gambling operators do not disclose real information regarding the details of the payout. Always read the fine print. It will definitely save you in the long run.


• Develop a strategy.


When it comes to playing games of chance, knowing when to hit or fold is just as important as planning a military strike against an enemy. A variety of intelligent strikes are essential.


• Risk it!


Players tend to increase the amount of money they wager as they progress. Latest statistics say that 16 U.S. states are now financing gambling-related issues. Gambling is a form of entertainment, so it should be treated as such. Expect to lose some money in the long run. Given the consequences, gambling the money you can only afford to lose is important.


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Champagne, Covert Claims & Casino Bankers

Financial services get the cream of the expenses crop but Sanjay Parekh, MD at Web Expenses, argues that transparency must come from the top if City boardrooms are to fight off the fraud squad, save money and claw back taxes

The implications of a spate of recent reports are clear: it is Britain’s financial-services sector that is at greatest risk as the Government’s newly-empowered anti-corruption warriors chase the expenses money trail in pursuit of their next big-name catch.

A recent Kroll report found the financial-services sector had the greatest prevalence of internal financial fraud and regulatory breach of any business sector, and we now know this arises from the fact that the City’s expenses honey-pot offers significantly richer pickings than any other industry: financial-services employees claim an average of £219 for accommodation, compared to a national average of just £163, and almost half of all City employees receive £1,500 a year in expenses, compared to just 28% nationally.

The larger amounts of cash changing hands in the financial sector, mean the City is both more vulnerable to employee expenses fraud and set to attract the closest scrutiny from white-collar anti-bribery detectives.

Even worse, it appears that the expenses rot has set in from the top: the latest studies show that managers are five times more likely to commit expenses fraud than employees.

As the spectre of the latest Bribery Act hangs over City Finance Departments, a look across the water could offer a frightening glimpse of the future here: the toughening of US anti-bribery laws has led to a record £1.1 billion of fines for bribery in 2010 alone and the trend is upwards. With HMRC now receiving an extra £900 million to help enforce compliance with expenses policies and the FSA equipped with a £68 million budget, Britain is fast catching up with its hawk-eyed US counterparts.

Even before the Serious Fraud Office begins to show its newly-sharpened teeth, the FSA had already been turning the heat on suspicious financial-sector corporate hospitality. Insurance-broker Willis Ltd was recently hit with a record £6.5 million fine merely for the failure of its Directors to take sufficient measures to prevent bribery, even though no actual bribes were ever proven to have taken place.

The Serious Fraud Office will now have the power to impose 10-year jail terms, limitless fines, as punishment for the mere failure of company Directors to enforce anti-bribery policies. And worldwide banks with City links will have noted that the Bribery Act applies to foreign companies with even the most tenuous of business connections to Britain.

And the failure to enforce expenses policies is now harming business growth: the Dow Jones state of corruption survey shows that many businesses are turning down global partnerships for fear of leaving themselves legally exposed to the international tentacles of regulations such as the Bribery Act.

A Culture of Casual Corruption
It is vital for the financial sector to begin to understand where this culture of casual fraud originates. The problem is not confined to the City: a recent YouGuv survey found 23% of employees across all sectors admit to regularly inflating claims. Deloitte say this is because expenses claims are rarely investigated and many businesses do not mandate that they should be checked by Head Office.
In the City, this problem is only amplified by the fact that cash and gifts are status symbols: the mouse-mat and the wine-bottle simply won’t suffice when it comes to impressing City bigwigs at client dinners.

But lax controls alone cannot explain what has allowed this culture of casual fraud to incubate. An interesting study by Ernst & Young found that many employees see nothing wrong with cash inducements while one in four do not believe their managers behave ethically. The implication is clear: when it comes to honesty in financial dealings, employees take their moral lead from those at the top.

The Solution
If businesses can prove they had tough systems in place to prevent bribery, then the Serious Fraud Office will not punish Directors for the actions of employees who manage to elude them. If businesses enforce policies fairly across all tiers of employee, then employees are more likely to co-operate with expenses rules.

Financial-services giants are now turning to automated solutions to take human error and prejudice out of the expenses-management process, through standardised, menu-driven, cloud-based systems which can permanently record and monitor company-wide  employee activity from any location.

Financial-advisory parent-company Honister Capital recently told how its adoption of the WebExpenses system has incubated a culture of transparency and fairness in the organisation. The system helped institute a central policy framework across its diverse array of businesses and provide a comparative overview of expenses spend across different Departments.

The software automatically collects data straight from a company card, red-flags non-compliant claims, can be tailored to different company policies and keeps a bullet-proof audit-trail in the cloud. Critically, ethical expenses-policies can even be enforced while employees are on the move: smart-phone apps allow employees to use cameras to enter claims and receipts so that Finance Directors can centrally monitor global spending patterns in real-time.

Cloud computing may yet aid the financial sector’s move towards fully-transparent financial-governance.

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Nokia 7900 Prism - Gambling Tool

Nokia 7900 Prism has all the features such as unique appearance, complicated and innovative technology. All the technology that the mobile has become possible by using some platforms and software.

Software for the Nokia 7900 Prism

Various software is used for various purposes, such as messaging, communication, calculator and more.

1.Browsing Purpose: - Various software is used for browsing, Opera Mini, Focus, InfoNu, mYspike mobile eBay Java tool, Peer Options window, Pricenoia Mobile, CSMS, KJV, News2Go, Piranha Price Check, and RSS-aggregator.

2.Opera Mini: - It includes the majority of WAP enabled phone. This line alternative mobile browser Opera. This is just the right software for a low bandwidth and low telephone resources. He can view the history, bookmark, and split large pages.

3.Messaging programs: - Various messaging software are AVACS feet Buster, IM7 revolution, SMS Messenger, smsbug, GlobalChat, JustYak-T720, and Miq33.

4.AVACS feet Buster:-This software allows you to change message color, with animated smiles, music, ringtones, pictures, log into the chat from different mobile phones under a specific login and password.

5.Camera Viewer software for the Nokia 7900 Prism:-Various software Camera Viewer are JavaOutSource, mInvest, J2MEQR Code, RealEstate, Colmatch, PingPong, New York Demo, MobileGlu, coolgadgets.

6.Colmatch:-It creates a color handheld.

This gives the exact color desired. Use the arrow keys the user can move around the color cube and select Preferences. Any color display screen can be formed.

7.Password program: - Some password software are JIPSecret, MobilePadConnect, Passman, SecretCodes, DazioAES, MobileSecretary, SafeStoreMidlet, and ToDoManager.

8.JIPSecret: - It uses an encryption method. The encryption algorithm used. Data encryption is completed by the addition of the encryption key. SMS can be sent in an encrypted manner.

9.Calculator program: - The two main software used by the calculator is a calculator and they sciCalculator.

10.Calculator:-the size of this software is 195 KB. It can serve as a NOC, GCD, Sqrt, middle, floor, log ceiling, apart from the usual functions, such as addition, subtraction, percentage, trigonometric functions, etc.

11.Text program editor: - Various text editing program are brushes, notebook and Pnote.

12.Dictionary program: - Some of the dictionary software is Translator, English, Russian, dictionary, English to Chinese.

13. Scheduler-Clock Timer program: - Some software in this category, TimeTracker, WorldClock, WorldTime, InfoTimeClassic, NetTime, timer, stopwatch and TimeCard.

Nokia 7900 has an exciting design and engineering of the facade. In spite of the stunning looks and firm technological features, this mobile has an intact range of entertainment features into a bucket.

A look at the Nokia 7900 Prism Entertainment Features

Entertainment function has been given its importance in the mobile phone. Various interesting features are available such as games, wallpapers, screensavers, themes and much more.

Gaming section: - Section Games was divided into seven groups of action, adventure, arcade, cards, puzzles, racing and sports.

Action game provided by Pinocchio, StrikeEm, Flyber, JokoCave, bomber, Circus grandfather, CaveCab and crowd control.

Puzzle games provided LukeSleepWalker, SacredStone, Inchville, gold show, B2Bee, Earl and reaction.

Racing provided the race, Fuji Racing, SpeedMachine, 4 * 4 Extreme Rally, Road Trip, Traffic Jam, Moto Mania and Extreme ignition.

Adventure games include Raupe Ab, Slip Gate, Airship Racing, Drag Racers, Storm Spy, Peter & Jaydee - begin to understand, J-militant and angry lion.

Prism table: Desktop-list includes the abstract, Animals, Art, Cars, Bikes, Cartoons, flags, flowers, entertainment, games, landscapes and places, Logos, nature, sports and more.

Prism Themes: - Different themes are abstract, animals, art, technology, cartoon animation, cars and motorcycles, sports, landscape beds.

Nokia 7900 features that make it possible entertainment are

1.Pre downloaded 1 GB of internal memory.
2.OLED Display Technology.
3.Dual Band technology 3G.
4.Quad possibility GSM Band.
5.2-megapixel camera.

Stylish accessories for mobile phones

To add to the style of fashion accessories for mobile phones.

graphic lcd module, character lcd module

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Is Gambling a Catalyst for IVA Advice?

The Gambling Commission's 2011 British Gambling Prevalence Survey highlights some bleak facts related to the financial distress many are experiencing as a result of gambling. Nearly 500,000 people in the British Isles are thought to be problem gamblers, with nearly a million gamers very close to becoming part of this category."Problem gambling" defines a situation in which the behaviour "compromises, disrupts or damages family, personal or recreational pursuits". Men, individuals of an early age, Asian/Asian British, and Black/Black British individuals were categorised as being most exposed to the risks.


Gamcare (a UK centre for gambling assistance) co-commissioned an examination in 2008 on the correlation that exists between gambling and financial difficulties.

The investigation found liabilities of over £50,000 were regularly seen amongst individuals fighting with gambling problems. When debts reach such a high level there are very few avenues to explore other than sourcing formal assistance in the form of IVA advice or some other debt measure.


With vast amounts of people struggling with a gambling problem, double that amount of people at-risk of becoming swept up in a problem and huge debts frequently being one of the outcomes, one might expect that considerable resources would be provided to help those struggling with the issue. For an IVA to be a success it is integral that the gambling addiction is beforehand. Without treatment for the underlying issue, IVA completion success rates are severely reduced.


Such areas of assistance for problem-gamblers appear to be far too restricted in the view of those providing IVA advice. Gamcare's research on debt and gambling highlights the fact that knowledge about the best methods of assisting those addicted to online gambling is very thin on the ground, even amongst frontline GPs (as well as other medical professionals). Part of the IVA advice procedure for those with gambling debts is therefore often to direct the debtor to a dedicated service, such that one provided by Gamcare itself.


IVA advice organisations will be largely in favour of a 2009 Gamcare proposition that creditors should create measures that prohibit online gambling through debt and credit cards. Of course the banks have done no such thing, leaving the door definitely ajar for online gamblers to further deepen their financial woes.


Any individual that has created sizable internet gambling debts must not be deterred from taking debt or IVA advice because of the specific source of their financial woes. Responsible Individual Voluntary Arrangement providers will provide you with general debt and IVA advice, help you work through your situation to establish a manageable financial plan, and signpost external agencies which will help you in dealing with any deep seated gambling problems.


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Play With Best Online Casino Site

Casino sites have made a reputation for themselves after offering an astounding number of casino games online for players from all over the world. This is a real breakthrough if you think back to 1996 when the internet was still in diapers and the most advanced thing you could see in it was a gif animation. Casino games online have come a long way since those early days of the internet when everything was done through dial up and in which it would’ve been impossible to load a flash game for example (although Flash technology didn’t even exist back then).

If you play Prism Casino Games for example, you’ll find a myriad of games divided by their definition. For example, all slot games go together, even if they have different themes. Some of the more popular games are featured as the most important games for the day in an effort to recommend new titles to loyal players who have not tried those before.

A large number of games is usually available on every casino website out there, but, there is a difference if we talk about the quality of the games offered. At Prism, there are more than 300 different types of casino games online that can be played in a matter of minutes as soon as the person logs into their account.

On the other hand, some other sites keep a few games exclusively for VIP members or high rollers. This is not a policy shared by many casinos as it seems to be excluding players from their right to try all casino games available through the software. If you think about it this way, people like to play casino games, all of them. Wouldn’t it be a bit unfair if a casino restricted them from a few games reserved only for the players they think are most valuable? Doesn’t it seem like you’re telling one player, you’re not worth as much as the other? There are many sites which offer similar titles as the ones for prism online casino games.

However, there’s enough variety on the web to play all kinds of casino games online. The games people look for the most are slots, blackjack and Video Poker and because of the popularity of these games, casinos online are really becoming a trend. The popularity of these businesses has brought a whole new age group of gamblers to the virtual realm of online wagering.

We’re sure that casino games online, are the new preferred form of entertainment and they’re definitely here to stay. That can only be expected based on the advances of technology in recent years, which get gambling and gaming much closer to people’s homes, internet, tv sets and even mobile devices.

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Relish the fascination of online casino games

Online casino games are available in 2 types of websites- free play casino sites which are just for fun and where paper currency is not required and the other being proper pay up casino sites where casino chips are required to be purchased with your credit card, giving you the actual feel of a casino and also chances of winning huge amount of money. Online casino games are also welcome by those who do not have any casino parlor within their vicinity.

The first category of players can choose to play on sites that offer free play, where there are no chances of winning or losing real money and also have fun playing casino games. The second benefit associated with it could be practicing Online Video Poker or any other online casino games if you intend to bet money in a pay up casino website in future. Without sufficient practice and knowledge of the tricks of the game, you can lose substantial sum of money.

Thus before attempting the real bet online game, it is advisable to practice free online casino games that help you in studying the methods of gambling, give a reasonable chance to develop your own strategies, improving gaming ability and skills.

For this, you need to surf for the best online Casino site that offers free games such as poker games, spin wheel game, cards game, kids game etc in the real gaming environment also guiding you on different steps and rules of gaming.

The second category of players is serious players who play with real money and bet online games with cash. One of the most popular games amidst online games is the online poker games where you can earn real dollars applying your own strategy. It is played with more or less same set of rules that are applicable when you play offline. Here the stress of the game is lesser as you do not have to sit face to face with real opponents and if your strategy is sound you have more chances of winning. Blackjack is another among popular online card games in which you need to pay good attention to get the hang of the online game techniques.

Once you are ready to bet online with real money, it is foremost essential that you choose a best online casino where you can play online casino games. Intensive research is required to find out websites offering authentic online casino games which should also offer good deal of games at the same time.

It is also necessary to check that there are no joining fees or fixed/ hidden charges associated with the website. Before signing up, you should clearly understand the terms and conditions of the website and if you do not agree with any of the clause, it is better not to register with that particular website. A good customer care service is also an important criterion in selecting an online gaming site. You can also check the bonus offered by different sites and select that which offers a higher one.

Proctor & Gamble Competitors in Indonesia

Despite Proctor and Gamble being a multinational company with overwhelming presence in the global spectrum, it has not been exempted from the rapidly increased competition. The aspects of globalization, liberalization of markets as well as advancement of technology have been the main factors leading to increase in competition (Hoyer and Macinnis, 2009).  This is with reference to the fact that companies are given the chance to open new markets in all parts of the globe. The concept of technology on the other hand has helped different companies to come up with sophisticated products thus posing overwhelming competition to their opponents. In the Indonesian market, P&G has in the recent find things tough following the increasing competition. A variety of products dealt with by the company have faced tremendous competition from opponent companies (Keegan and Green, 2002).

 This phenomenon has jeopardized the prospects of P&G of becoming the market leader as well as maximizing on profits. Based on the concept of competition, P&G has faced increased operational costs. This is with reference to increased costs incurred in the marketing process, thus reducing profits.

In Indonesia, P&G faces stiff competition from companies dealing with the same group of domestic products. The most outstanding competitor of P&G in Indonesia is Uniliver. In this case, both companies deal with a wide variety of consumer goods, which are closely related. Despite the overwhelming presence of P&G in Indonesian market, it has not been exempted from the increasing competition (Molenaar, 2010). Over the last 3 years, the company has been under pressure from the tremendous competition from uniliver.

Uniliver has been in a series of developments in the Indonesian market, whereby it is looking forward to opening more factories. In this case, uniliver has planned to boost the amount of capital for raising new factories in Indonesia for the next 2 to 3 years. This has been a strategic plan by the company so as to ensure market dominance (Molenaar, 2010).

A point worth of consideration is that uniliver is very keen to capturing Indonesian market of consumer products. In this case, the population earning less than .50 a day has been the main target by the company. With establishment of more factories in Indonesia, Uniliver is looking forward to reduced operational costs, thus being able to cut down prices (Keegan and Green, 2002).  This is a very efficient competitive strategy that is aiming at locking out P&G from Indonesia and more so the population earning less than .50 a day. Uniliver has also been engaged in an intensive market research and development, whereby it aims at mobilizing essential information concerning the market. This phenomenon has helped uniliver to come up with sophisticated brands and products that are appealing to consumers. The concept of advertisement has also been highly adopted by uniliver, whereby it uses both internet and media thus being able to reach a wider market (TheJakartaPost, 2011). The pricing strategy by uniliver is outstanding in that it has been able to meet the needs of the local community. In this case, the products of uniliver have been able to out-compete those of P&G.

Apart from uniliver, P&G s also facing stiff competition from Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) company and Kimberly-Clark corporation. Both companies deal with consumer based products, whereby they enjoy an overwhelming global recognition. In the Indonesian market, Johnson& Johnson and Kimberly-Clark corp. have been in an intensive market operation (Keegan and Green, 2002). In this case, the companies have undertaken extensive marketing and promotional campaigns in endeavors to popularize their products. The pricing strategy by the two companies is outstanding in that, they have done a great deal to reduce prices. In this case, the consumers earning less than .50 a day have been the main target. This phenomenon has been of great importance in ensuring that the companies are able to efficiently compete in the market. Based on this scenario, P&G has faced it tough in that most of its products have found it had to sail through the market. This is in relation to the fact that P&G's products are highly priced, thus making them unaffordable among the low income earners (TheJakartaPost, 2011). A point worth of consideration is that Indonesia is a populous country, whereby majority of the population earn less than .5 a day.

The major products of proctor & Gamble in Indonesia include Ivory-soap, Crest- toothpaste and tooth brushes, Gillette/Venus, Disposable razors and Pantene-Shampoo and conditioner. In this case, the products of Uniliver, Johnson & Johnson, and Kimberly-Clark pose stiff competition to those of P& G. to begin with, Ivory-soap of P&G faces stiff competition from Lifebuoy brand of Uniliver. In this case, the two products are closely related in that they are domestic soaps and serve the same purpose (Brussels, 2011).  The most outstanding feature of lifebuoy in relation to Ivory-soap is that it is very affordable. In this case, uniliver has efficiently adopted the pricing strategy thus being able to target the population earning less than 2.50 a day. On the other hand, the product design of uniliver has also been overwhelming. In this case, Lifebuoy comes in liquid and bars hand washes, which are appealing to consumers. P&G's Zest is also receiving significant competition from Dove from Uniliver (Hoyer and Macinnis, 2009).  Despite that the two products have similar characteristics, the Dove from uniliver has lower price thus making it affordable to a wider population.

The concept of positioning and market segmentation has also been adequately adopted by uniliver. This is evident through the beauty soap, Lux which has been specifically targeted for the women. The Lux beauty soap and the lifebuoy are targeted for the poor segment of the market, which in this case comprises the majority of the population. Based on this phenomenon, there is every need for P&G to adopt the most efficient marketing strategies that will help in countering the products of its opponents. The concept of pricing is most significant in the competitive Indonesian market, whereby majority of the population earn less than .50 a day. On the other hand, product brand should also be reviewed so as to ensure adequate positioning of P&G products. By so doing, P&G will be able to sail through the tremendous competition in Indonesia (TheJakartaPost, 2011).

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