Nokia 7900 Prism - Gambling Tool

Nokia 7900 Prism has all the features such as unique appearance, complicated and innovative technology. All the technology that the mobile has become possible by using some platforms and software.

Software for the Nokia 7900 Prism

Various software is used for various purposes, such as messaging, communication, calculator and more.

1.Browsing Purpose: - Various software is used for browsing, Opera Mini, Focus, InfoNu, mYspike mobile eBay Java tool, Peer Options window, Pricenoia Mobile, CSMS, KJV, News2Go, Piranha Price Check, and RSS-aggregator.

2.Opera Mini: - It includes the majority of WAP enabled phone. This line alternative mobile browser Opera. This is just the right software for a low bandwidth and low telephone resources. He can view the history, bookmark, and split large pages.

3.Messaging programs: - Various messaging software are AVACS feet Buster, IM7 revolution, SMS Messenger, smsbug, GlobalChat, JustYak-T720, and Miq33.

4.AVACS feet Buster:-This software allows you to change message color, with animated smiles, music, ringtones, pictures, log into the chat from different mobile phones under a specific login and password.

5.Camera Viewer software for the Nokia 7900 Prism:-Various software Camera Viewer are JavaOutSource, mInvest, J2MEQR Code, RealEstate, Colmatch, PingPong, New York Demo, MobileGlu, coolgadgets.

6.Colmatch:-It creates a color handheld.

This gives the exact color desired. Use the arrow keys the user can move around the color cube and select Preferences. Any color display screen can be formed.

7.Password program: - Some password software are JIPSecret, MobilePadConnect, Passman, SecretCodes, DazioAES, MobileSecretary, SafeStoreMidlet, and ToDoManager.

8.JIPSecret: - It uses an encryption method. The encryption algorithm used. Data encryption is completed by the addition of the encryption key. SMS can be sent in an encrypted manner.

9.Calculator program: - The two main software used by the calculator is a calculator and they sciCalculator.

10.Calculator:-the size of this software is 195 KB. It can serve as a NOC, GCD, Sqrt, middle, floor, log ceiling, apart from the usual functions, such as addition, subtraction, percentage, trigonometric functions, etc.

11.Text program editor: - Various text editing program are brushes, notebook and Pnote.

12.Dictionary program: - Some of the dictionary software is Translator, English, Russian, dictionary, English to Chinese.

13. Scheduler-Clock Timer program: - Some software in this category, TimeTracker, WorldClock, WorldTime, InfoTimeClassic, NetTime, timer, stopwatch and TimeCard.

Nokia 7900 has an exciting design and engineering of the facade. In spite of the stunning looks and firm technological features, this mobile has an intact range of entertainment features into a bucket.

A look at the Nokia 7900 Prism Entertainment Features

Entertainment function has been given its importance in the mobile phone. Various interesting features are available such as games, wallpapers, screensavers, themes and much more.

Gaming section: - Section Games was divided into seven groups of action, adventure, arcade, cards, puzzles, racing and sports.

Action game provided by Pinocchio, StrikeEm, Flyber, JokoCave, bomber, Circus grandfather, CaveCab and crowd control.

Puzzle games provided LukeSleepWalker, SacredStone, Inchville, gold show, B2Bee, Earl and reaction.

Racing provided the race, Fuji Racing, SpeedMachine, 4 * 4 Extreme Rally, Road Trip, Traffic Jam, Moto Mania and Extreme ignition.

Adventure games include Raupe Ab, Slip Gate, Airship Racing, Drag Racers, Storm Spy, Peter & Jaydee - begin to understand, J-militant and angry lion.

Prism table: Desktop-list includes the abstract, Animals, Art, Cars, Bikes, Cartoons, flags, flowers, entertainment, games, landscapes and places, Logos, nature, sports and more.

Prism Themes: - Different themes are abstract, animals, art, technology, cartoon animation, cars and motorcycles, sports, landscape beds.

Nokia 7900 features that make it possible entertainment are

1.Pre downloaded 1 GB of internal memory.
2.OLED Display Technology.
3.Dual Band technology 3G.
4.Quad possibility GSM Band.
5.2-megapixel camera.

Stylish accessories for mobile phones

To add to the style of fashion accessories for mobile phones.

graphic lcd module, character lcd module

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