The Kelly Criterion: Increase Your Gambling Profits

The Kelly Criterion is a very good system but it is not flawless. It is a mathematical abstraction and needs to be combined with personal judgement. The best gamblers invariably use a combination of statistical analysis combined with their own judgement. This gut extinct is based on experience and combines instinct with knowledge. The most experienced gamblers "absorb" the kelly criterion so that it becomes part of their thinking without them having to consciously having to think about it .

Some of the more significant problems with the kelly crieterion is that it takes for granted your ability to bet on fractions of a penny. When of the smallest bet you will be allowed to place is . This is less of a problem for gamblers with a large bankroll. For punters with a smaller bank roll you should wither round up or down.

Also their are psychological considerations as well.

Most gamblers will find it difficult to follow the kelly criterion no matter where it leads them. this can be seen as either an advantage or not. If the gambler really does have an edge as the kelly criterion suggests then this will be to advantage to follow it "blindly" and try and overcome their own instincts. If however it is been calculated incorrectly then follow the kelly criterion in this manner could lead them to disaster.

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