My Favourite Casino Is Online

It can be tough to be someone who enjoys gambling, especially in Canada. We have so many government watchdogs and regulations related to gambling, that finding a place to unwind, sit back and have fun can be tough. That’s why so many of my friends look forward to their yearly trip to Las Vegas. Trust me, it’s not the flight and experience of having to elbow their way through throngs of players at the big casinos that brings them back. It’s being able to play competitive games in an environment that’s safe, secure and reasonably comfortable. Flying to Vegas is all well and good, but what about those of us who are on a budget or who want to be able to indulge in our favourite competitive activity more than once every few years?

I tried going to the horse races a few times. Most major cities have a track, like Woodbine in Toronto or Western Fair in London.

The last time I went to the track, I ended up dropping nearly on dinner and a few drinks. The horse races were exciting enough, for the minute or two that each lasted. There were slot machines to play as well, but it just didn’t do it for me. It’s fine as a something to do once every month or two, but horse racing turned out to be expensive and didn’t really scratch my competitive itch.

The local pub in our neighborhood has video slots, but a few minutes of playing on those proved to be depressing. I’ve never seen anyone win on one of those machines; you have drunks and dancers banging into you all the time and people were staring at me. I don’t need to be judged, especially when I spent just 10 bucks playing a game while the people pointing at me were well into a 0 bender. Lottery tickets? Boring. There’s no skill involved whatsoever in those things. Receiving lottery tickets in my birthday card remains a welcome gesture, but when I want the thrill of gambling, I’ll look elsewhere, thanks.

A card game with the gang from work? That sounds like fun. It definitely brings out the competitive edge, but getting one of these games together is a royal pain. No one seems to want it at their house and when a game finally does come together, the low stakes take a lot of the fun out of it. Like the racetrack, this is a once or twice a month event, but it’s not an option when I want to play poker right now.

Video games? They have the advantage of being able to play from home and multiplayer online versions can offer a competitive thrill, but they can cost or more and there’s no money at stake. If I outplay someone, I like the idea of being able to make some cash from my skill.

My big find was online casinos. They combine the gambling thrill I get from visiting Vegas or Niagara Falls with the immersive gameplay and stay-at-home convenience of video games. I can play whenever I want, without having to get dressed up or worrying about driving and parking. I can have a drink, snacks or a nice meal when I play, but without the markup. And I can play literally any time I feel like it. I just go into the den, get comfortable in my big leather lounger, fire up the laptop and I can be playing an engrossing game of poker in minutes, or trying my luck at Tomb Raider slots. I can win real cash, not the nickel stakes the work crew plays for in the monthly poker games and if I want to mix it up, try something different, I can choose blackjack, keno, baccarat or any number of other games.

Is it secure? You bet. Choose your Online casino carefully and you have the best of all worlds. I chose a website with games powered by industry leader Microgaming (not just the best quality graphics and gameplay, but over 550 to choose from), multiple deposit and cash-out options (including Skrill, Netelller and Instadebit), 128-bit encrypted transactions, compelling promotions and live support for customers. There is no registration fee and no charge to download the software. Thanks to high quality gambling online, my favourite casino is now in my den.

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